My work brings you to a world of individual perceptions, introspective and intimate visions. For me, the image comes first and dictates the narrative. The sequence of the narration follows the logic of images and fantasy. Oneiric and real pictures merge into one reality. Some of my paintings allow to glance into a domestic, private world.  In my work, I am interested in expressing the intensity of emotions, sensations and visions. 

The use of natural subjects conveys thoughts concerning the human condition. Therefore, the essence of my thinking lies in the Platonian concept of the ‘anima mundi’ (soul of the universe), in which everything in the universe is interconnected. 

In spite of a sense of melancholy, my happiness is in the perception of colour. The joy of painting colours, of feeling them and mixing them is central to my art practice. Colour becomes obsessive, tactile and sensual. Indulging in memories of colour is, for me, one of the sweetest pleasures of life.

Indra Moroder Valecha is a London based artist. She has a BA in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni in Milan and is currently finishing her MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (UAL).  

© Indra Moroder